Dowload the e-book


  • Kindle, and some other e-readers, generally store files with the .azw suffix. This stands for  AmaZon Word.
  • These files are generally subject to Digital Rights Management (DRM), which means the publisher has imposed restrictions
    to stop people from making free copies and so undermining the market.
  • Since my original publisher no longer exists I am no longer bound by this restriction, so for now I am able to make How to
    Survive in the Pharisee Church available free of all DRM. This means that you can make copies, copy sections of text, and
    listen to the book via text-to-speech without restriction.
  • To remove the DRM restrictions I have converted the file from .azw to .mobi.
  • MOBI derives from Mobipocket Ebbok File - it's just another ebook file format..
  • If you are concerned about this unfamiliar file format, this link explains it. Alternatively just Google on MOBI and you will
    find dozens of explanations.

    So, to get the book on your KIndle:
  1. Click at the top of this page to download the file, then save somewhere on your computer.
  2. The file should be called
  3. Plug your Kindle into the computer, open the 'Documents' file on the Kindle, and drag the file across into this file.
  4. That's all. The ebook will now be available to read on your Kindle.

    If you're worried about importing this unfamiliar file onto your computer, probably you can plug the Kindle into the
    computer first, and then save the .mobi file direct into the Kindle > Documents folder, bypassing the computer. I haven't
    actually tried this but I would imagine it would work.