A site dedicated to talking about a
subject that no one wants to talk about.
A. 3,210,000

B. 426,000

C. 34,236

D. 6,325

E. 1050
Let's start with a quiz . . .
If you were to google "Pharisee church" how many hits do you think you
might get?*
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How to Survive in the Pharisee Church
Decided your answer?
Now, use your mouse to highlight this line and the line below              E.1050
and the correct answer should appear to the right . . .   

    Weird churches of the world no. 1


    The spire, not only crooked but twisted also, was completed in the year
    1362. It's not only crooked but twisted also.

    Local legend has it that the blacksmith accidentally drove a nail into the
    devil's foot, and the devil retaliated by kicking out at the church in anger.

    More prosaically, the probable causes are the use of green
    unseasoned wood in the construction, and the absence of cross-
    bracing in the design. These in turn can be traced back to a shortage of
    skilled labour due to the Black Death that was then ravaging across

    For more strange churches click HERE
That's right!
The entire Web worldwide, everything ever posted and indexed on the subject of the
Pharisee church,
And yet, consider this . . .

On one estimate, more than a third of the entire gospel narratives in the New
Testament are taken up with Jesus' personal struggle against a religious community
dedicated to the practices and ideals of the scribes and Pharisees.

Why, I wonder, does no-one want to talk about it today?

FROM HERE ON we're going to be talking about pharisaism and the Pharisees.
That means
  • what the Pharisees were then
  • what the Pharisees are now
  • where are the modern-day Pharisees
  • what pharisaism means for us and how we deal with it
  • spiritual abuse and the Pharisee Principle
* For this to work must be "Pharisee Church" not Pharisee Church. the number has
risen over a couple of years but at least a couple of hundred of them link to this site
or my book.

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This Week's Blog

Oh Juno! ... What Have You Done?

This week's blog is a little bit close to
home--in fact I'm still in shock.  Last week I
discovered that the founder of WinePress
Publishing, who published my book
How To
Survive in the Pharisee Church
has lost
everything--husband, family, home, car,
money, and now the publishing business
itself--after being sucked into a cult-type
authoritarian Pharisee church.

Why? How Does it Happen? Why are we so
gullible? What are the signs to beware of?
These are my first thoughts ...

To read the blog, follow this link >>>